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TCM Starter Adapter Overhaul

Starter adapter overhaul includes all recommended inspections, Alodine housings and external hardware is gold cadmium plated. Assembly includes new seals, gaskets and bearings. Shaft gears are reground, Magnafluxed and fitted with our custom designed heavy duty clutch spring. Certain models may be available for exchange. Call to check stock if you require immediate shipment.


Continental Starter Adapters

Engine Series Price Range
O300/O346 $1161.00
O360/IO360/TSIO360 $1161.00 - $1537.00
O470/IO470 $1108.00
IO520/TSIO520 $1108.00 - $2221.00
IO550/TSIO550 $1108.00 - $2221.00

Please visit our website for specific adapter part number and application.

Repair Scavenge Pump Housing $220.00

* Price will vary based on core condition. The price above includes normally replaced parts.
Some models may not qualify for flat rate pricing. See table below for details.

Typical Turn Time: 3-4 days.
Core availability? Yes.
Exchange units? Most  available. 
(Note: There is no difference in net cost to exchange – you pay the equivalent cost to overhaul your unit. The core charge will be refunded with the return of an acceptable core. See the Repair Station Terms and Conditions for information regarding shipping in an exchange core.)
Help or Technical questions?

Call Sam or Bobby at 918-836-6872 or email @ starteradapters@aircraft-specialties.com

Click here to see our selection of new PMA replacement springs.

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