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STC Kits

Aircraft Specialties holds a number of Supplemental Type Certificates.  The C-85 and O-200 conversions are our most popular.

•    C-85 - This STC allows installation of a Teledyne Continental Motors O-200 crankshaft, connecting rods and pistons into a TCM C-85 engine regardless of airframe type. There is no performance change. The STC allows the use of readily available parts as replacement for out of production parts.  The STC is Issued on per engine serial number basis. New data plate included. The C-85 STC is available in a number of convenient packages:

  1. Standalone STC Approval and authorization. (click here)
  2. Kit of parts which includes a new TCM crankshaft, pistons, reconditioned rods sold outright and STC paperwork. (click here)
  3. Kit 2 above with set of four C85 ECI Titan Nickel barrel cylinder and O-200 pistons. (click here)
  4. Kit 2 above with set of four C85 ECI Steel Nickel barrel cylinder and O-200 pistons. (click here)
  5. Kit 3 or 4 above except we recondition customer rods. (save $50.00)

•    O-200 – Normally, an O-200 crankshaft is limited to rework 0.010 undersize. This STC allows the use of 0.020 undersize bearings along with a crankshaft that has been ground to the same dimensions and Nitrided. Aircraft specialties holds PMA certificate to manufacture the complete bearing set. All of the machine work and parts can be sourced directly from us.

•    Continental Starter Adaptors – we hold an STC to rework TCM starter adaptors components to undersize dimensions. We also manufacture PMA replacement springs in the M03 and M04 configurations.

•    Aircraft Specialties also holds a number of other unique component repair STCs that enable customers to successfully continue using engine parts that would otherwise have to be scrapped.

Best Way to Find a Part?

Enter the part number without the leading prefix.

Example: LW10207, enter as 10207.

This will provide all equivalent options: LW-10207, AEL10207, SL10207 and ASC10207 plus any over/under sizes.

Curious about acronyms and part numbers? Check out our cheatsheet!