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Millennium Parallel Valve Cylinder (Narrow Deck) Lycoming O-360 & O-540 Series - SL36006N-A21P

  • Millennium Cylinder (Narrow Deck) - SL36006N-A21P
  • Millennium Cylinder (Narrow Deck) - SL36006N-A21P
  • Millennium Cylinder (Narrow Deck) - SL36006N-A21P
FBO Price:
Call Mike for availability 1-800-826-9252
Ships same day if ordered by 3pm CST

Product Description

This is on Back Order from the Manufacture.


Each Complete New Parallel Valve Cylinder Assembly contains all of the following new parts: head, barrel, valves, valve seats, valve guides, piston, rings, gasket kit, seals, springs, rotocoils, rocker shafts, and rocker cover (they will not include piston pins or rocker arms).

Fits Narrow Deck engines:

  • O-360-B1A
  • O-360-B1B
  • O-360-B2A
  • O-360-B2B
  • O-360-D1A
  • O-360-D2A
  • O-360-D2B
  • O-540-B1A5
  • O-540-B1B5
  • O-540-B1D5
  • O-540-B2A5
  • O-540-B2B5
  • O-540-B2C5
  • O-540-B2C5D
  • O-540-B4A5
  • O-540-B4B5
  • O-540-B4B5D


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Features Unique to All Models for Lycoming Engines

Improved Casting Integrity

  • Castings meet stringent porosity and shrinkage requirements.
  • Promotes a longer-life cylinder head, less prone to cracking.

Computer Generated Cylinder Head Fin Configuration

  • More consistent fin thickness and spacing.
  • Means more uniform heat transfer and fewer "hot spots", compared to standard competitors cylinders.

New Materials

  • Advanced alloys yield 20% greater strength than aerospace industry standards for air-cooled cylinder heads.
  • Increases cylinder longevity.

Through hardened 6382 Steel Cylinder Barrel

  • Uniform hardness at any depth with more corrosion resistance.
  • These barrels may be ground oversize and fitted with oversized pistons.

Choked barrel

  • Optimal barrel choke allows rings and pistons to work properly at normal operating temperatures.
  • Improves performance and reduces ring and piston wear.

Features Unique to Lycoming 320/360/540 Parallel Head Engines

Increased Wall Thickness and Enlarged Spark Plug Boss

  • Exhaust wall thickness has been increased and spark plug boss has been enlarged to reduce premature warping and cracking.

    First Production Investment-Cast Aircraft Cylinder for Improved Integrity
  • The Millennium parallel head 320/360/540 cylinder castings have a smoother finish for better cooling and improved volumetric efficiency in the ports.

Casting Integrity

  • Smoother surface finish allows better heat transfer.
  • Dimensional consistency improves durability.
  • A denser raw material with fewer inherent voids and cavities resists cracking.

Improved Port Design

  • 6% better volumetric efficiency
  • Smoother port walls reduce drag

Features Unique to Lycoming 540 Upexhaust Engines

      Increased Thickness in Combustion Chamber Walls & Exhaust Port

  • Translates into a longer-life cylinder head, less prone to cracking.

*Application information is provided for reference only. Make sure to refer to the applicable airframe/engine manufacturer's manual for exact application information.







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