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General Website Questions

Q: What does Awaiting Fulfillment mean?

Q: What traceability or airworthiness documents do you include with each order?

Q: How can I estimate the shipping cost for my order?

Q: Can I check the status of an order I have already placed?

Q: Do you sell Gift Certificates?


Accounts, Payments & Pricing

Q: When I place an order is my credit card charged right away?

Q: I’m having trouble finding the Shop Price List on my portable tablet / iPad / iPhone device?

Q: I am a regular Aircraft Specialties customer with an open account. Can I use the same open account method to order on line?

Q: I created a quote on the website. How long will the quoted price be honored?

Q: How long will price quotes remain in the system?

Q: How and when do I pay for my machine shop parts?


Shipping & Receiving

Q: What is the best way for me to ship my engine parts to you?

Q: What type of container should I ship my parts in?

Q: What information should I include with my in-bound parts?

Q: I'm sending several parts to Tulsa, is there a way I can combine my shipping and save money?


Machine Shop

Q: Do you offer machining services to “Airboat” customers?

Q: What are the terms and conditions for accepting a part for inspection or repair in your shop?

Q: Where can I find an explanation of the shop processes found in block 13 on my 8130?

Q: I purchased a crankshaft from a third party part seller and found the main journals standard size, but at service limits. I thought every crank tagged by Aircraft Specialties was ground to new part limits?

Q: What is the typical processing time for a crankshaft overhaul?

Q: Why would anyone consider using reconditioned tappet bodies or lifter assemblies at overhaul when even new parts occasionally fail and ruin a camshaft?

Q: I am considering purchasing a crankshaft overhauled by Aircraft Specialties from a third party. How can verify traceability back to your Repair Station?


General Parts Questions

Q: I need a new starter adapter for my Continental engine. I don’t have the exact part number. What starter adapter do I need?

Q: I’m having engine starting issues with my Continental engine. How do I tell if my starter is problematic?



Q: Where can I obtain a copy of your Reconditioned Part Warranty?


Q: Does the same warranty apply to all of your products?


Q: I purchased a reconditioned engine part from a third-party seller. How do I obtain warranty?