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Crankshafts receive a thorough inspection upon arrival.  A serial number is permanently etched into the part. Crankshafts are then disassembled, cleaned, and Magnetic Particle inspected.  If no cracks or metallurgical flaws are found, a detailed dimensional evaluation and visual inspection is performed.  Crankshafts found within repair limits will be repaired on a custom shop order to your specification.  If bearing journals are reground the crankshaft must be renitrided to restore wear surface hardness and increase fatigue strength.  A second Magnetic Particle inspection is done and the propeller flange is cadmium plated for corrosion protection.  Precision digital dynamic balancing is available which improves longevity and results in a smoother running engine.  Counterweight assembly onto the crankshaft is available.  An 8130 maintenance release is issued and the unit is custom foam packaged for shipping.

new.jpgLycoming crankshaft customers - Aircraft Specialties is happy to announce we have finally found a reliable and predictable solution to restoring the dimensional requirements of Lycoming’s Service Bulletin 475C.  We have partnered with an aerospace-quality plating supplier capable providing chrome that is precise and durable.  This will result in a huge time saving and predictable delivery times.  For customers wishing to avoid long processing times and want the ability to utilize any standard crankshaft drive gear – this is the best alternative.



Magnetic Particle Inspect (clean, disassembled) $65.00
Magnetic Particle Inspect (we clean, disassemble) $95.00
Dimension Check Only $50.00


Clean, Inspect, (MPI & Dimension) and Advise

4 Cylinder $75.00
6 Cylinder $112.50
8 Cylinder $150.00


MPI, Check Dimensions, Micro Polish, and Certify (no plating)

4 Cylinder $257.00
6 Cylinder $310.00
8 Cylinder $445.00


Grind Journals (Rods and Mains) to Manufacturer's Limits
(Renitride, Cad Plate, Micro Polish, and Certify)

4 Cylinder  $480.00
6 Cylinder $635.00
8 Cylinder $930.00
4 Cylinder (Continental, M20)* $515.00
4 Cylinder (C85, A65, A75 M10, less nitride) $435.00

 * Price includes STC paperwork.


Grind One Journal Set (Rods or Mains) to Manufacturer's Limits
(Renitride, Cad Plate, Micro Polish, and Certify)

4 Cylinder  $420.00
6 Cylinder $560.00
8 Cylinder $820.00


Crankshaft Service Bulletins and Repairs

Inspect Continental Crankshaft IAW AD 87-23-08  
     Ultrasonic Inspection with Grind $80.00
     Ultrasonic Inspection Only $130.00
     MPI and Ultrasonic Inspection $180.00
Chrome Repair Propeller Pilot (Lycoming or Continental) $405.00
Chrome Repair Rear Gear Mount (Franklin) $450.00
Lycoming Machine Gear Mount Counter Bore Diameter Oversize $203.00
Lycoming - Chrome Repair Pilot Diameter of the Counter Bore IAW SB 475C $985.00
Oil Seal Repair (Lycoming or Continental) $225.00
Flange Repair (Lycoming or Continental) $175.00
Cad Plate & Bake Crankshaft Flange (All) $92.50
Replace Dowel (Lycoming or Continental) $22.00
Replace Sludge Tubes Each     $7.00
Repair Corrosion in Lycoming Front Main I.D. Bore $275.00
(Per S.B505/530, or S.I. 1511 or IAW Overhaul Manual)  
Grind Lycoming Front Main I.D. Bore (ASI Repair 0014) $335.00
Non-Repairable Inspection Fee (all Crankshafts) $65.00


Crankshaft Dynamic Balance

4 Cylinder Crankshaft – Balance Only $221.00
6 Cylinder Crankshaft – Balance Only  $245.00
4 Cylinder Crankshaft – Balance With Overhaul  $155.00
6 Cylinder Crankshaft – Balance With Overhaul  $180.00


Lycoming Crankshaft Gears

Inspect and/or modify for Compliance with S.B. 475C $85.00
Chrome gear oversize to fit pilot counter bore. (Repair 07-09-08) $104.00



Continental (most)  Re-bush $32.00
Lycoming (all)   Re-bush $52.00
Continental GTSIO-520 – Repair for Re-use $145.00
Replace Counterweight Bushings in Crankshaft - Per Blade $32.00
Assemble Counterweights on Crankshaft $59.00
Case Harden Continental Counterweight to Comply with S.B. 00-3
Tufftride Requirement and Install Bushing
Continental GO-300 Counterweights RFQ



Prices listed above are “per item” and do not include parts, except where noted. All prices USD.
Five day turnaround is normally available upon request for all items above except crankshafts requiring re-nitriding. 
Certain items may be issued a Dual Release (FAA/EASA). Prices are subject to change without notice.


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