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Connecting Rods / Rocker Arms

Each piece is degreased, cleaned and magnetic particle inspected. Connecting rods undergo a dimensional inspection, alignment check, as well as a twist and bore check. They are re-bushed and precision bored to new dimensional limits and alignment. Each part receives a final inspection to ensure it is like-new and an FAA 8130 maintenance release is issued for return to service.


Connecting Rods

Complete Repair/Recondition $92.30
Exchange RFQ
Prop Strike Inspection (Dimension and Magnaflux® Only) $33.00
Lycoming Tongue & Groove (LW10646, 13422, 19332) $125.00
Exchange Tongue & Groove (LW10646, 13422, 77450, 19332) RFQ
Modify Per S.I. 1183 $30.00
Modify Per S.I. 1359 $50.00
IO-520 Exchange Wide for Narrow,  (Includes workup less bushing) $160.00
Balance a Set of 4 $57.00
Balance a Set of 6 $95.00
Balance a Set of 8 $135.00


Rocker Arms

Complete Repair/Recondition Lycoming Style $32.00
Complete Repair/Recondition Continental $32.00
Prop Strike Inspection $20.00
Drill Oil Supply Hole in Continental Old Style  $20.00
Modify To Accept One Piece Bushing (Complies with S.B. M93-7)  RFQ


Prices listed above are “per item” and do not include parts, except where noted. All prices USD.
Five day turnaround is normally available upon request for all items above except crankshafts requiring re-nitriding. 
Certain items may be issued a Dual Release (FAA/EASA). Prices are subject to change without notice.



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