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For your convenience, we offer application charts for many of the engine parts we carry. These charts are Adobe Acrobat documents. Simply right-click on the application chart you wish to download and save it to your hard drive.

You can view the document with Adobe Acrobat Reader which can be downloaded for free here.


“Information found here is strictly for reference only. Consult your aircraft or engine IPC for approved data.” 




We stock a full line of Gill and Concorde batteries for your aircraft. Most batteries are shipped dry and acid is included with the battery purchase.

Gill Application Chart
Concorde Application Chart





We stock many sizes of Rapco brake linings and brake lining kits that include rivets and linings. We also have rivet tools in stock.

Rapco Brake Lining Guide





Filters should be changed at each annual. Changing the filter extends the life of instruments.

Brackett Filter Chart



Clamps & Fasteners


We have many sizes of Breeze and Adel Clamps in stock.





Rubber hoses deteriorate over time and should be checked at each annual. Be sure to check instrument hoses and change when replacing pumps. Low-Pressure Stratoflex and Mil-6000 fuel line sold by the foot.



Oil Filters


Filters are an inexpensive way to add life to your engine. Champion and Tempest Oil Filters for many applications in stock.

Champion Filters

Tempest Oil Filter Application Chart



Spark Plugs


Champion and Tempest Spark Plugs for many applications in stock. We also stock anti-seize, Gap Gages, trays and blasting media to keep plugs in top shape.

Champion Spark Plugs

Tempest Spark Plugs





During an engine overhaul is the perfect time to replace your starter. Starters are sold outright with no core charge. We stock Sky-Tec Flyweight Starters for the best performance and reliability.

Sky-Tec Starter Fit Guide





We stock McCreary, Goodyear, and Condor tires and tubes, with many sizes and styles available.

Goodyear Application Chart 



Vacuum Pumps


FAA-PMA New & FAA approved overhauled dry air pumps in stock. Don't forget to send in your core and change out your filters and hoses.

Tech Tip: Most warranty claims result from pieces of hose being sucked into a vacuum pump. Avoid the possibility by changing the hose from the filter to the pump.

 Rapco Application Chart



Oil and Additives


Our experience shows 25 hour oil changes will ensure your engine makes TBO. We stock a full line of Aeroshell and Phillips X/C Aviation Oil as well as engine protectants like CamGuard (check out the CamGuard website at www.aslcamguard.com for a reseller near you.




General Application Charts:
Cam & Cam Follower Applications for Continental Engines
Gasket Set and Seal Application Chart for Continental Engines
Gasket Set Reference List for Continental Engines
Main Bearing Sets for Continental Engines
Millenium Cylinders for Continental Engines
Piston Rings Sets for Continental Engines
Single Cylinder Gasket Sets for Continental Engines
Top Overhaul Gasket Sets for Continental Engines
Bearing Sets for Lycoming Engines
Cam & Cam Follower Applications for Lycoming Engines
Millenium Cylinders for Lycoming Engines
Major Overhaul Gasket Set for Lycoming Engines
Piston Rings Sets for Lycoming Engines
Single Cylinder Gasket Set for Lycoming Engines
Top Over Gasket Set for Lycoming Engines
Engine Overhaul Replacement Parts List
Continental Engine Model Number
O-200 A,B
O-300 A, C, D, C-145-2
IO-360- A,C,D,G,H,J,K
IO-520 A,D,E,F,J,K,L
TSIO 520 B,D,E,J,K,L,N,U Permold
TSIO 520 C,G,H,M,P,R,T Sandcast
IO-550 Series
Lycoming Engine Model Number
O-235 C
O-235- K, L, M, P
O-320 H2AD
O-320-A2D & E Series
O-360-A Series, B2D, & C Series, D Series
IO-360-A & C Series
O-540-B Series, E Series, G1A5, H Series
IO-540-C4B5, D4A5
IO-540-K1A5, K1B5, K1E5, K1F5, K1G5 K1J5, & S1A5
IO-540-K1A5D,K1F5D, K1G5D,& K1J5D
TIO-540-A1A, A1B, A2A, A2B, A2C (Narrow & Wide Decks)
IO-720-A1A, A1B, C1B, D1B (Narrow Deck)
IO-720-A1A, A1B, C1B, D1B (W/D)
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